Book Recommendation – Disruptive Marketing: What Growth Hackers, Data Punks, and Other Hybrid Thinkers Can teach us about Navigating the New Normal?

A book recommendation from Dan Beaulieu:

Disruptive Marketing: What Growth Hackers, Data Punks, and Other Hybrid Thinkers Can teach us about Navigating the New Normal?

Geoffrey Colon

Copyright December 2016 Amacom

Price $24.95

Pages: 234 with Index

This is one Gem of a book

There is no doubt that this is one of the most impressive books you are going to read and dare I say re-read this year. In just a little over a couple of hundred pages Colon changes your perspective ion marketing as you’ve know it. He is predicting the future that is either here today or right one our doorstep ready to come in tomorrow.

From telling us that mobile will be the platform of tomorrow, okay I get that to saying the in the future branding will be “rooted in what customers are talking about and making. Customer responses and feelings toward the brand will dictate the product development or enhancement.”

He goes on to say that the customer is not only always right but in the future, “Every move you make needs to be from the point of view of the customer, even if it might not benefit that company’s bottom line…customers want to go deep into your world. Not simply be told about it.”

In short what he is saying is that everything yes even your products or services all products will rely on the customer experience. How the customers feel using your products and services. The success of your company will be based on not selling to your customers but how you connect with them.

Think about this statement, “Every time someone uses your product, its marketing. Your product represents you. The customer of today wants to feel your product. He does not want to hear about it in an ad; she does not want to see it on TV, they want to experience the product. They want to know the story of the product. They to connect with your company not just have the traditional impersonal buyer-seller relationship they want to actually be involved in your product…not just the product as it is right now but the product of the future the one they will have a say in. Your products will be a result of the strong ongoing collaborative partnership you have with your customers and that is what this book is about.

If you are planning on still being I business in five years or even one year, or even next month, you need to buy and read this book.

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